Welcome to Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.


Key Milestones

The Roots

Our journey began in 1887 when our forefathers left the deserts of Rajasthan, India, their home state, in search of water and food and reached Wakod, at the foothills of the famous Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra, India. They started farming as a means of livelihood.

In 1963, selling kerosene in a pushcart, the young law graduate, Mr. Bhavarlal Jain, founded the family business in trading. The family partnership began with a meager Rs. 7000, the accumulated savings of three generations, as capital. Soon, agencies for two wheelers, auto vehicles and automobile accessories were established in quick succession.


Story of Success


Inspired by a quote, "Agriculture : a profession with future" young Jain added dealership of tractors, sprinkler systems, PVC pipes and other farm equipments. In order to broad base the agri-business, agencies for farm inputs such as Fertilizers, Seeds, Pesticides were also added. Sales grew from Rs. 1 million in 1963 to Rs. 110 millions in 1978, a phenomenal increase of 110 times. These formative years helped us build a unique and lasting enterprise. This was achieved through consistent high standards of performance and personal behavior on the one hand and a strong sense of commitment for meeting targeted volumes and for payment of debts in time, on the other. Dealings with national and international principals was a contributing factor towards building these attitudes. In time, we came to be recognized as a reputable, trustworthy and prestigious house. This background augured well for an entry into industrial ventures.

Refined Papain

We took over a 14 year-old sick Banana Powder Plant in April 1978 at a high auction price of Rs. 3 million while we only had Rs. 0.2 million as inevitable surplus. The plant was quickly modified for the production of Papain from Papaya latex. In December 1978, the founder traveled to New York in search of customers for Jain Papain. The competition for purchase of raw materials at home and for sale of Papain abroad was stiff and stifling. However, we developed purified Papain through ceaseless in-house R&D and emerged as the ‘Number One’ supplier of the highest purity refined Papain. Thus Papain put us on the international map.

PVC Pipes

In 1980, manufacturing of PVC Pipes commenced with a small annual capacity of 300 MTs which was increased to over 35,600 MTs per annum by 1997, making us the largest single producer of PVC Pipes in the country. A close-knit dealer distribution network in the rural areas coupled with continuous automation and up gradation of product facilities and in-house R&D for maximum capacity utilization has kept us at the forefront. This further helped us to expand the range to Casing & Screen Piping Systems thereby continuing to contribute to the growing export volumes.

Micro - Irrigation Systems

Beginning in 1989, we toiled and struggled to pioneer Water-management through Micro Irrigation in India. We have successfully introduced some hi-tech concepts to Indian agriculture such as ‘Integrated System Approach’, One-Stop-Shop for Farmer, ‘Infrastructure Status to Micro Irrigation & Farm as Industry.’ We have come a long way.

Food Processing

In 1994, we set-up world class food processing facilities for dehydration of onion & other vegetables, and production of puree, pulp, and concentrates of tropical fruits such as Mango, Banana, Papaya, Guava, Tomato and Aonla. These plants are certified for ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, BRC, Halal, Kosher and SGF (Fruit Division). The spice processing plant is the biggest in the country and is involved in the production of spices such as Cumin, Chilli, Coriander, Black Pepper, Garlic, Turmeric and Ginger powders. Combining the modern technologies of the west with the vast, mostly untapped agriculture resources of India, using the local human resources and inculcating the culture of excellence in quality and total customer service are our mandate. We have set ourselves a goal to become a major and reliable global supplier of food ingredients of finest quality world-wide.

Today with over 11,848± committed employee strength worldwide, we have established our leadership in diverse products like Micro & Sprinkler Irrigation, Agricultural Inputs, Agro-Processed Products, Plastic Pipes & Sheets as well as in the field of renewable energy.