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Water is nature’s gift to mankind and is not unlimited and free forever. World water resources are fast diminishing. The one and only answer to this problem is the use of Micro Irrigation Systems. "Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd." the name which you can trust, the only manufacturer of all micro irrigation components like PVC pipes, PE Pipes, Drip Irrigation components, Sprinkler Irrigation Components, all kinds of fittings & accessories and so on.

After detailed study of inter–relationship among soil, water, crop, land terrain and related agro climatic conditions, Jain’s designed a suitable and economically viable system to deliver a measured quantity of water to each plant at regular intervals. This is to ensure that the plants do not suffer from stress or strain of less and over watering. The system installed at the farmer’s field is commissioned and training imparted to the farmer, followed by regular after sales services.


Sprinkler Irrigation is a versatile method of applying water that simulates a rainfall like phenomenon. Water is distributed through a system of pipes usually by pumping. Sprinklers provide efficient coverage from small to large areas and are suitable for use on all types of terrain. It is also adaptable to nearly all irrigable soils since sprinklers are available in a wide range of discharge capacities.

  • The Jain Sprinkler system is unique and well designed to ensure maximum water saving to the tune of 40-60%.
  • Suitable for irrigation in almost all types of soils
  • This system can be shifted and hence operations are pretty much easy
  • Suitable for undulating land - e.g tea plantations
  • Provides protection from frost
  • Enables alteration of microclimatic conditions in the immediate vicinity of the crop.

Portable Sprinkler Sets

Portable Sprinkler set consists of Quick Connect Pipes for easy shifting of pipes & Sprinkler system. We have various Quick Connect Pipe Joints (Clamps) according to the requirement of sizes. These clamps are designed to withstand the tensile pull that will be acting on the joint when the pipeline is under pressure. The clamp sealing is achieved by a specially designed rubber seal, which not only allows easy and smooth connection, but also makes it watertight as the pipe is brought up to pressure. The unique feature of the joint is that it can take 3 to 5 degrees deflection without any leak.

Overhead Sprinklers are designed for a wide range of general field uses portable, semi-portable and solid set systems, to meet the demanding needs of modern, economic irrigation systems. Featuring a sophisticated field tested construction and the use of highly corrosion resistant materials, they ensure fall safe operation and long life requiring a minimum maintenance.

Boom & Hose Reel Irrigation

Among the many solutions for efficient field watering, hose reel irrigators have been in the lead for a substantial amount of time. These systems are made up of components for the mobile distribution of water with overhead spraying using flexible hose in PE material that is wound and dragged out on a high drum, that is, the reel on a traveling trolley-like setup. Hose Reels are available in sizes to suit every farm, from 63/200 to 125/750. Numerous options are available including 4 wheel chassis, fully galvanised drum, full hydraulic package and remote SMS monitoring and control. A pump is used to lift the water and provides the pressure needed for spraying operations. Initially, the drag hose is pulled behind the cart moving along the irrigation lane with the sprayer components and then slowly reeled in when enough water is moving through the system.

The hose can be pulled in with the use of a hydraulic turbine, an electric motor or hydrostatic force using an internal combustion engine. To guarantee uniform irrigation or programmed distribution of the amount required the speed of pulling the hose in must be continuously managed by mechanical or hydraulic devices which often operate automatically. Ranging in structural width from 50 to 76 metres, Briggs four-wheel chassis booms are efficient, tough, reliable and surprisingly versatile. More than 2000 4-wheel chassis booms are in operation throughout the world. Irrigated widths are from 50m to 96m depending on the choice of nozzle or sprinkler mounted on each end of the boom. They offer easy operations, can be assembled and disassembled by one operator and facilitates ease of operation.

Garden, Landscape & Turf Irrigation

JISL has a complete range of products for Garden, Landscape and Turf irrigation suiting all types of terrains and topography. The company’s famous brand Acurain Sprinkler delivers supplemental water when rainfall is not sufficient to maintain the turfgrass and plant materials to meet their intended purpose. A quality irrigation system and its proper management are required to efficiently distribute water in a way so as to adequately maintain plant health while conserving and protecting water resources and the environment. Acurain sprinklers deliver water precisely and efficiently to maintain the function and purpose of the managed landscape while complying with any local requirements.

Drip Kits

Jain DripKit is a cost effective way to irrigate via a drip irrigation system for small land holders. It is provided as a standard packing for small plots to cultivate commercial crops especially as a kitchen garden. It maximizes crop productivity and protects the environment through conserving soil, water and fertilizer resources while increasing farmer income. Jain DripKit is of optimum size, easy-to-use, and affordable micro irrigation kit. These are sold as ready-to-use kits, assembled and packaged so that they can be easily shifted and re-installed and used by farmers/households. These kits are useful to all those suffering from a lack of nutritious food due to adverse climatic or economic conditions. In most cases, the people being affected cannot control these adverse conditions, but they can be taught simple sustainable techniques of land and soil management and food production that can certainly lower the impact and in many cases successfully cope with or even overcome the adversities.

PVC Piping

Jain PVC Plastic Pipes and PVC Fittings are available in a vast range and in various materials. Whatever be your application, We have the Piping Systems - that can be installed on surface, buried, slip lined, trench less, floating and submerged. Jain PVC Plastic pipes can be used in Fluids transport including, lifting, transporting, conveying, distributing disposing or tapping of water, waste-water (drainage & sewage), compressed gases/air, odorous and corrosive gasses, chemicals and hazardous wastes/effluents. Solids conveyed include coal ash, slurries, sand and cables.

PE Piping and PE Coils

The water, chemical or any type of fluid is conveyed through the network of interconnected PE pipes and fittings which are 100% leak-proof, and the life of PE Pipes and fittings is 100 years plus. The Life Cycle Analysis shows PE pipes are totally eco-friendly by its low energy consumption in water pumping pipelines. Owing to its smoother internal surface, PE pipes need less electricity for pumping the water and frictional losses are minimized. In addition, PE pipes are highly flexible and therefore easily take the shape of ground terrain of agricultural farms or take the shape of trench profile which directly leads to saving in pipe accessories like bends, elbows / fittings and saves in trenching cost. PE Pipes are available in required lengths up to 12m straight lengths. PE pipes are joined together using heat / butt fusion joints. In these heat fusion joints there is no additional external material added for joining. Both the ends of pipes are heated first and then pressed joined together to form a homogenous-integral monolithic joint which, interestingly, is stronger than the pipe itself.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd is the largest manufacturer of PE / HDPE / MDPE pipes and a total solution provider (concept to commissioning) in the field of water supply and distribution. Jain is manufacturing PE / HDPE / MDPE pipes and fittings up to 2500mm outer diameter as per all Indian and all International Standards in PE 63, PE80 and PE100 material grades.

The water conveyed through Jain PE pipes is fit for human consumption and as PE pipes are inert in nature for any type of water, fluid, chemical, effluent can be conveyed. PE as a material is very tough and inert material, hence there are no effects of surrounding aggressive soil conditions or contents of fluid conveyed. PE pipes are light in weight, easy to handle, transport & install. The performance of PE pipes during its entire lifetime remains the same, no scale build-up, no-erosion, no-corrosion, no effect of sunlight/UV rays if installed above ground exposed to sun.


Water is not found in its purest form in nature. It is always contaminated with physical, chemical & biological impurities. Proper filtration is of much importance to prevent low pressure diffuser like emitters from clogging. Our wide range of water filters are standing like watchdogs to protect your system from clogging hazards.

Filtration system is the heart of the micro irrigation system. Filter is an insurance to guard against debris entering your irrigation system. There are different types of filters used for irrigation like sand separators, media filters, screen filters and disc filters. These filters are used for different types of impurities found in different types of water sources.

Fertilizers Injectors & Dosing Pumps

Fertigation is a method of application in which fertilizer is incorporated within irrigation water by the drip, sprinkler or pivot system. In this system, fertilizer solution is distributed evenly mixed in irrigation water. For manual fertigation one can use Venturi or Fertilizer Tanks or fertigation pumps depending on the quantities of fertilizers. Precision fertigation is also important in greenhouses / polyhouses where control and monitoring is key for success where we can use NutriCare and PreciMix fertigation machines with EC & pH control and monitoring systems.


Fittings play a very important role in all sectors because system hydraulics completely depend on it and the system fails if best / snap proof fittings are not used. Basically fittings are distinguished in different kinds with respective types of tubes. For irrigation systems to work with ease, having the right agricultural pipes and fittings are essential to ensure that the complete benefits of the systems are gathered.

Micro Irrigation Systems include portable sprinklers, centre pivots, drip irrigation systems that use a network of pipelines. Irrigation pipes / tubes can be set either underground, on the surface or as overhead systems. Therefore, choosing the right and best quality fittings is very important.

Valves & Accessories

Valves are generally used to control the flow of water in an irrigation system. In automation, valves are components once signalled by the controller, allows water to flow out to the sprinklers or drip emitters near the roots, and shuts it off when the allotted watering time is completed. The valves used for agricultural applications to control irrigation include Ball, Gate, Hydraulic and Butterfly Valves. In addition, Air release valves, foot valves, check valves and flush valves also play vital roles in agriculture and irrigation systems.

Accessories include different types of featured spares including lateral flush valves, inline filters, pressure gauges, different types of needles and different types of stakes, to name a few.

Automation Systems

Growing plants need water, but the amounts of it differ depending on soil moisture levels. To measure such precision levels, farmers have either to go to the field and take regular manual tests – alternatively, or could use smart sensing technology, which is more accurate, convenient, and time efficient.

Control & Monitoring Systems are often optimised in order to have greater control over numerous factors of farming. This includes different kinds of systems like volume based system & sensor based system either in greenhouses for humidity, light, carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and nutrition and for open field agriculture nutrition management, field irrigation management.

Gravity Drip Irrigation systems

A gravity-fed irrigation is a cost-effective way to irrigate with a drip irrigation system in which emitters deliver water directly to the root zone in quantities that approach the consumptive use of the plants. In a gravity-based irrigation system, a gravity head is used or the water tank is placed at a particular head height and water is distributed through a network via gravitational force. Gravity drip irrigation systems are useful to all those suffering from a lack of nutritious food due to adverse climatic or economic conditions. In most cases, the people being affected can not control these adverse conditions, but they can be taught simple sustainable techniques of land and soil management and food production that can certainly lower the impact and in many cases successfully and cope with or even overcome the adversities.

Solar Powered Drip Irrigation

JISL provides tailor-made solar solutions for higher capacities more than 37 kW (50 hp) solar pumping stations used in agricultural and water supply sectors. It provides solutions based on site conditions without constraint of duty points i.e. head and discharge. To achieve the desired pumping capacity, several pumps are connected in parallel and its operation is controlled by PLC. JISL has in-house capacity to design & develop the electrical and control panels required for high capacity pumping. This station contains various sub systems like solar power generation system, power conversion system, power controlling system, hydraulic controlling system, filtration system, electrical & hydraulic safety and protection system and SCADA system. There are various options available for high capacity pumping stations like stand alone solar pumping, solar and grid dual supply mode, grid sharing mode and grid feed mode. These options are configured to achieve long term sustainable project viability. JISL is the only company which provides high capacity solar pumping solutions world-wide.

Design, Engineering & Planning

Proper system planning and design is essential for an effective irrigation water management and requires a thoughtful consideration of many elements. Selecting a proper system calls for a thorough knowledge of water, soil, and crops. JISL has the innate capability to decipher the choice of crop suiting that particular area considering the type of soil coupled with environmental conditions prevailing there. Soil tests are conducted and a soil health card is made so that the entire soil profile is known beforehand. Irrigation systems are designed in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and ordinances. Resource inventories, local conditions and the intended use are assessed for the proposed Micro irrigation System design and location. A Micro irrigation System design will be developed and installed so as to meet the intended goals and objectives.

Integrated Micro Irrigation Projects (Turnkey basis)

JISL is promoting a major initiative to convert the existing canal command areas into "Jain Integrated Irrigation Solutions (JIIS)", wherein the irrigation efficiencies can be increased up to 75% which is double as compared to irrigation efficiency over conventional systems. Under the umbrella of Jain Integrated Irrigation Solutions (JIIS), ``Resource to Root"™ is a concept which enables to achieve ’Water Use Efficiency up to 95% and results in increased water factor productivity multiple-fold. Further, farmers will be benefited by increased yields & reduced input costs, importantly the Government can deal with major challenges - land acquisition, rehabilitation, soil health, deterioration etc.

For centuries, distribution of water for irrigation has been restricted to canal based irrigation systems. Efforts and upgrades have been done to improve conveyance efficiency of canals. Automation and mechanisation of canal systems has helped to improve operational schedules to some extent but it failed to answer major issues like equitable distribution for large and complex irrigation projects, limited life of canal system and overall low productivity are also some of the issues still remaining. JISL has the password for this and it is "JIIS" for sure!