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Various types of pipes are used in buildings and construction works for various purposes such as water supply, drainage, and waste disposal made of different materials. In every building, sufficient quantities of water should be made available at required locations to meet various needs of users. So, water needs must be properly and optimumly computed before the construction of the structure. The transmission water is carried through pipes within the structure above or below the ground. At the same one can compute the proper drainage facilities to drain the wastewater through pipes.

Plastic has low weight, less energy is used when transported. Plastic pipes last long with a minimum of maintenance and they are easily recyclable. Many new plastic pipes contain recyclates. Moreover, the ultra-smooth surface of plastic pipes reduces pumping costs and energy use, and their leak-free fittings eliminate water loss.

Jain Irrigation has a huge range of products for building & construction like PE Pipes, PVC Pipes, Rainwater Filters, Plumbing pipes, and renewable energy products.

Plumbing System

Plumbing System in its totality is the system of pipes and fittings for the distribution of potable water at adequate pressure which can be used for drinking purposes and the disposal of wastewater from all the fixtures.

JAIN Plumbing System brings you an entire range of comprehensive building products which CPVC, uPVC ASTM, uPVC ISI, SWR and UDS piping system making it an ideal solution for all residential and commercial plumbing piping.

Jain Plumbing System offers pipes and fittings which are easy to install, economical, safe for drinking, corrosion resistant and with lower bacterial growth and are manufactured in line with major national and international standards and parameters. The main intent and effort is to provide with stringent quality & sustainable plumbing piping solutions for a long and healthy life.

Underground Drainage System

JISL from its noble range brings to you JAIN PVC Underground Drainage System. Jain Plumbing PVC UDS system is the ideal piping solution for all your Underground Drainage and Sewerage requirement in Residential and Commercial Colonies, Townships, Urban and Rural Domestic Sewerage transmission. Jains PVC UDS Piping system are manufactured as per major national & international standards and parameters.

JAIN’s PVC Underground Drainage & Sewerage Pipes are ideal to carry all the soil and waste water through underground channels from multi storeyed buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, institutions, complexes etc. to sewers or to the point of disposal. Jain Plumbing UDS system is available in size range from 110 mm to 630 mm with stiffness classes of SN-2 KN/m2, SN-4 KN/m2, SN-8 KN/m2 and conforms to IS 15328. These pipes are available both in Rubber Ring Socket & Plain Socket types in standard length of 3 & 6 meters. These pipes have excellent earth load bearing strength, corrosion resistance, durability (50+ years life), watertight joints, minimize excavation cost, Hygienic & Safe, Light in weight and are economical.

SWR Soil, Waste & Rainwater System

JISL from its noble range brings to you JAIN Plumbing SWR Pipes and Fittings systems. Jain Plumbing SWR system is the ideal piping solution for all Soil, Waste, Rainwater and Ventillation purpose inside/on a Building. These SWR piping systems are manufactured as per major national & international standards and parameters.

Jain Plumbing SWR Pipes & Fittings system are manufactured using high quality PVC resin at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility thus providing an excellent and sustainable solution for building drainage and rainwater system. SWR pipes and fittings are used for non-pressured piping applications such as transmission of soil, waste and rainwater in residential and commercial complexes, resorts, and hospitals etc. JAIN SWR Pipes are available from 40 mm to 160 mm diameter and conforms to IS 13592. SWR fittings (75 mm to 160 mm O.D.) conform to IS 14735 and DIN 19531/19534. These pipes and fittings are available both in Rubber Ring and Solvent type jointing system and for 160 mm also available in Clip-ring joint.

Type A pipes are for ventilation and rain water, Type B are for soil and waste discharge systems. These SWR PVC pipes are lightweight, strong, UV stabilized, weather resistant, easy to install, have smooth inner surface, long life and are economical.

Rainwater Harvesting System

Water as a resource is getting scarce and it is the primary responsibility of each one of us to use water smartly and judiciously. In the current scenario rain water collection for reuse and replenishment of depleting underground water table is of utmost importance.

JISL offers a new intergrated system for Rain water Harvesting with the combination of Jain PVC / Rainwater (SWR) pipeline, Jain Well Casing and Screen pipe along with the unique and highly effective Jain Filtrain. Jain Filtrain helps in filtering Roof top Rainwater and recharge the ground aquifer and thereafter usage of Jain Column piping system to reuse ground water from borewells.

Jain Filtrain Rain Water Harvesting Filter is rightfully integrated with Jain PVC or Jain Plumbing Rainwater (SWR) pipe of sizes 75mm, 110mm, 160mm diameter according to the pipes used for channeling rain water accumulated at the terrace. Jain Filtrain is available in 3 options for cleaning/maintenance mechanism namely with End Cap, with Ball Valve or with Auto Drain Valve.

Drinking (Potable) water System

JISL manufactures HDPE pipes in diameters ranging from 16mm to 2500mm. HDPE pipes have many advantages in the use of potable water supply systems over conventional Piping systems. HDPE pipes have the lowest water hammer effect in transmission lines leading to minimum maintenance as well as reduction in appurtenance cost. Use of HDPE piping system has other advantages like less friction leading to lowest consumption of energy with long life span of the system totally reducing the NRW (Non- Revenue Water) losses which occursin a conventional piping system with leaky joints.

PVC Sheets

Jain Ex-cel PVC sheets are mono or multilayered sheets made using high quality Poly Vinyl Chloride at our state of the art and India’s largest PVC sheet manufacturing faclity at Jalgaon. These PVC Sheets are manufacturing in accordance to major International Testing standards and accreditions.

Jain EX-CEL sheets are available in sizes of width 1220,1560, 2050 mm & length 2440 mm; in thicknesses ranging from 2 mm to 30 mm in plain colors and embossed finishes. Bifurcarted as PVC free foam sheets, integral foam sheets, rigid sheets and co-extruded sheets these are used for a variety of applications. These sheets are suitable for Cutting, Sawing, Sheering, Punching and all the works done by hand held carpentary tools as well mechanised and autamted tools and machines. JAIN EX-CEL sheets are used for Advertising Signs, Digital and UV printing, Displays, Exhibition Stands, Point of Sale Displays, Interior Furnitures and Panels, Doors/Windows and Frames, Models & Prototypes, Panels & Cabins, Embossing & Engraving, Thermoforming, Lumber, Trimboard

The main features of EX-CEL sheets are:Easy to fabricate, Light Weight, Fine Cell Structure, Low flammability, Good Sound & Thermal Insulation, Non Corrosive, Non Toxic, Self Extinguishing, Resistance to Oscillation & Vibration, High Impact Strength and they are Recyclable.

Solar Power Generation & Appliances

JISL, with its quest for promoting green energy, has a vertically integrated solar power manufacturing facility for household application. In addition, it also provides end to end solutions for all solar products/ systems. For a family of four, app. 2 to 3 KW of grid connected photovoltaic system can be used. This essentially works on import-export of generated electricity through solar. For example, if the electricity generated is 10 units per day and exported to the grid during the day, and if the usage is 12 units, then one has to pay only for 2 units. The key advantage is that it is a one-time investment, easy to install and perpetual generation of electricity all 365 days a year. We have so far distributed and centralised solar power generation serving more than 100,000 customers across India.

Garden, Landscape & Turf Irrigation

Acurain Sprinkler has to deliver supplemental water when rainfall is not sufficient to maintain the turfgrass and plant materials to meet their intended purpose. A quality irrigation system and its proper management are required to efficiently distribute water in a way that adequately maintains plant health while conserving and protecting water resources and the environment. Acurain sprinklers deliver water precisely and efficiently to maintain the function and purpose of the managed landscape while complying with any local limitations and requirements.

Solar Water Heating System

Jain Solar Water Heater You will have hot water when you want it, have no recurring cost of electricity, years of trouble free use and the assurance of a great service backup from the Jain Group. In other words total peace of mind! What’s more, you will be helping the environment.

Our natural resources are finite and that’s why the use of non-conventional methods of heating water has begun. These methods are inexpensive, safe, reliable and easy to maintain. More importantly, they are eco-friendly and provide trouble free service for years together.

Gas Piping System

Today, over 90% of the pipe installed for the natural gas distribution industry is plastic, and of that, 99% is Polyethylene. PE is the material of choice not only in India, but also worldwide. Jain PE Gas Pipe provides a safe & cost-effective solution for Piped Gas Distribution systems. High corrosion resistance, long lengths with heat/butt-fusion leak-proof joints and mechanical fittings leading to ease of installation, have made PE piping systems the ideal choice for conveyance of natural gas/PNG, Propane, LPG and Biogas.

Jain MDPE/ HDPE Gas pipes and fittings are used for conveyance of domestic (City Gas Distribution system) & industrial gas. The MDPE/HDPE Gas piping system provides a leak-proof, homogeneous, corrosion-proof piping system for conveyance of gas. Across India, Jain MDPE/HDPE gas pipes are being used by all CGD (City Gas Distribution) & CBM (Coal Bed Methane) companies.

Wastewater & Reclaim Water Piping System

JISL from its noble range brings to you Jain Plumbing UPVC Reclaim Pipes and Fittings system for all your treated water and high-pressure non-potable water plumbing requirements. Jain Plumbing Reclaim Pipes and Fittings are created with a lead-free compound that fulfill all the latest necessities of created plumbing networks and are tested as per ASTM-1785 and ASTM-2467 standards.

The reclaim piping system is ideal for all residential, commercial and industrial treated water applications. These pipes can be used to convey non-potable reclaim treated water which is generated from gray water fixtures and appliances like washbasin, sinks, shower drains, bathtubs, washing machine etc.

These UPVC Reclaim Pipes and Fittings are Strong & Durable which are expected to last upto 50 years of service life, have least bacterial growth, easy to install and are economical. These pipes are Lead Free, UV resistant, Fire resistant and Corrosion resistant.

House Service Connections

The continuous water supply (24x7) with constant positive pressure is one the objectives in the development of Smart Cities. The success of 24x7 uninterrupted water supply at desired minimum pressure reducing the total water consumption by 30% - 50% has been enabled through use of Jain PE pipes in numerous schemes all over India.

Jain PE pipes for House Service Connections (HSC) are manufactured from PE-80 and PE-100 grade blue compounded material, having WRAS certification, recommended worldwide for distribution of safe potable water under hygienic conditions.

Use of PE piping system for HSC has ample advantages over conventional systems such as [1] less frictional losses leading to lowest consumption of energy [2] long life span of the system totally reducing the NRW (Non- Revenue Water) losses, [3] zero corrosion etc. Moreover, distribution systems with HSC are also made easy with homogeneous leak-proof joints like tapping Tee and Saddles which have proved to be totally leak-proof.


The purpose of PE duct is to provide a clear, protected pathway for a cable, or for smaller conduits. The PE cable ducts are manufactured for mechanical protection to fibre optic, electrical cables etc. Basically PE ducts are used for installations of local and long-distance telephone networks, cable television transmissions, information transfer networks, etc. PE ducts are manufactured from high quality PE material and co-extruded with special lubricant providing a low friction smooth surface for easy cable drawing/blowing. The outer PE shell makes the pipe more tough and durable and enables the duct to withstand the pressure during high speed air blowing of cable as well as retain the roundness under soil pressure and traffic load. PE ducts can also be supplied with an inner lubricated area in ribbed form. PE anti rodent ducts provide the best solution to rodent attack by incorporating a bitterant in the pipe to dissuade rodents from gnawing it.

Jain PLB Micro Ducts are specifically made for installation in the existing (new or old, empty or preoccupied) PE ducts by blowing, jetting or pulling technique. The ducts can be bunched & blown in various combinations & colors thus allowing extra channels for future cabling needs & increased pathways. Their low sliding friction aids in easier blowing and jetting of micro-ducts & cables. This allows longer blowing distance thus increasing duct integrity resulting in quality installation at lower cost.

Sub Soil Drainage

Sub Surface Drainage (SSD) systems are used to collect leachate under landfill sites as well as used to control and direct underground water transport and to encourage proper surface water percolation and control water levels in Airport Runways, Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, Hillside Development projects and in agricultural fields to improve soil condition. Consequences of water logging, poor aeration in agricultural farms results in lesser plant growth and if such poor drainage conditions exist over years, it can result in saline farms.

A solution to this issue is Sub Surface Drainage using an underground gravity network of PE Drain using well corrugated pipes where excess/surplus water which is present in the plant root zone is drained out of the farm. In reclaiming the saline farms, Subsurface installed PE Drain Well Corrugated pipes collect and provide a gravity pathway to saline water during each rainy season. Over a 2-3 year period, the farms can be reclaimed and salts deposited in agricultural farms can be leached out.

Fire Hydrant Pipelines

Jain fire hydrant pipe is a fire resistant (FR) PE piping system for application in underground mines and fire hydrant pipelines, where fire safety is a major concern. State-of-the-art testing facility is available in-house (flame chamber from Altas, USA) for conducting the fire retardant test. Manufactured from basic PE raw material blended with fire retardant chemical compound. The function of FR chemical is to improve the Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI). LOI is a measure of the percentage of oxygen that has to be present to support combustion of the plastic - the higher the LOI the lower the flammability.

Jain fire resistant PE Pipe significantly reduces the spread of flame in the event of a fire. As a result of excellent localized surface charring properties, carbonaceous char forms on the product after being exposed to flames which effectively protects the pipe and its contents from ignition.


Water is not found in its purest form in nature. It is always contaminated with physical, chemical & biological impurities. Proper filtration is of much importance to prevent low pressure diffuser like emitters from clogging. Our wide range of water filters are standing like watchdogs to protect your system from clogging hazards.

Filter is an insurance to guard against debris entering your houses and overhead tanks. There are different types of filters used in buildings like sand separators, media filters, screen filters and disc filters. These filters are used for different types of impurities found in different types of water sources.

Dosing Pumps and injectors

Dosing pumps and injectors are used for various applications in buildings such as pesticide injection as well as to spray solutions from which we can keep insects, reptiles and animals at bay. This system can also be used for giving fertilizer solution that is distributed evenly in gardens. For manual fertigation, one can use Venturi, Fertilizer Tanks & fertigation pumps. Precision fertigation is also used where control and monitoring is key for success where we can use NutriCare and PreciMix fertigation machines with EC & pH control and monitoring systems.

Sanitary Traps & Accessories

Jain Plumbing Sanitary Traps & Accessories are the ideal solution for continuous flow of water without any hindrance. JAIN’s Sanitary traps are manufactured using high quality PVC resin with an appropriate water trap seal which prevents the foul smell from entering the households. It is designed in such a way that it can efficiently pass the water without creating any blockage to the system.

Jain Plumbing Traps are available in wide range of products such as Nhani Trap, Multi Flow trap, P trap, S- Trap, Q- Trap, Bell mouth Trap, Round gully Trap etc. and Accessories include Door Cap, Pass Over, Bend with Lip Ring for WC, WC straight Connector, Socket Plug etc.

Traps are available with or without sieve (jali) which are easily accessible and can also be provided according to the customer’s requirement. These Traps & Accessories can be easily joined using Jain’s Perma-Fix Solvent cement for better bonding performance. These Sanitary Traps & Accessories are corrosion resistant, strong & durable, UV stabilized, weather resistant, chemical resistant, easy to install, have smooth inner surfaces, long life and are economical.

Design & Consultancy Services

Jain Irrigation Sys Ltd’s Design & Consultancy Services leverages its experience to provide end-to-end engineering solutions and services. Our skilled engineers use the latest technologies to offer high quality, cost-effective, time-bound and multi-disciplinary services.

Plumbing Design consists of water supply network (internal and external); Drainage piping (internal and external), Schematics, Plumbing wall elevations and drawings for the rainwater network. JISL can help create Plumbing designs and precise bill of quantities (BOQ) complying with all rules and measures as per the major national and international standards and parameters. Our Design & Consultancy services also includes a trained team of experts/associates to provide installation training, site supervision, project assessments, qualtity checks and best advice as per client’s need and also help upskilling with Good PLumbing Practices.