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Invitation To Join Hands For The Second Green Revolution

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, are pioneers and market leaders in Micro Irrigation (Drip & Sprinkler), besides manufacturers of PE & PVC pipes. Across the country already over 10 lakh acres under 48 different crops have been covered under drip and Sprinkler irrigation. Increasing yields up to 200% and reducing water consumption up to 80%, today, Jain Irrigation is Indias only-one-stop-shop for all Hi-tech Agri input needs. We invite you to join us in ushering in another Green Revolution in India which has to be only through effective and efficient WATER use.

We Offer OPPORTUNITIES to be our Dealer

Representing Jains Drip & Sprinkler systems, Tissue Culture Banana Plants, PE & PVC Pipes in all Districts or Talukas of Himachal Pradesh. Please send us your bio data giving details of your occupation, capability, infrastructure, financial background etc. within 10 days to the address given below:

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.
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V. M. Bhatt, Manager ( H R D ),
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

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