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Jain Filtrain

  • Sizes (mm)75,110,160


Rain Water Harvesting In the current scenario rain water collection for reuse and replenishment of depleting underground water table is of utmost importance. We have to face the reality that water as a resource is getting scarce and it is the primary responsibility of each one of us to use water smartly and judiciously. From the multiple solutions available to take care of this liability the simple method is to harvest rain water from residential and commercial building terrace.

By this method it is possible to channelize rain water to recharge any deep pit, open well, borewell, open unused mine, lake etc. using a pipeline and Jain Filtrain. This helps in increasing the underground water table level. Water collected by this method is available for immediate use for applications like landscaping (irrigating gardens/lawns), residential non-potable consumption (washing/ cleaning/ cooling/ sports). Post water treatment it is also available for thirst fulfilment of living beings in the form of potable (drinking) water. Long term collection is primarily to refill the existing water storage resources.

Pipes, fittings and Jain Filtrain Filter System along with water storage facilities like tanks, wells and soak- pit (recharge well) are required for rain water harvesting from the residence terrace.

Jain Irrigation is a familiar and well-known name in the water and energy conservation industry. We are quite pleased to introduce the new product Jain Filtrain Rain Water Harvesting Filter. This product gives added benefit of water collection from terrace and accumulation along with the piping system and storage facility. Jain Filtrain is easy to operate and maintain.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple construction / assembly
  • Trouble free installation and maintenance
  • Free of electric supply
  • Easy to use and operate / manage
  • Compact and handy
  • Operates on minimal gravitational force / pump head