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Jain Sweet Orange RTM

Higher yield, better profit!

JISL embarked upon production of Jain sweet orange (JSO) via tissue culture as well as through grafting in order to serve the farmers who wish to undertake large scale cultivation of this vitamin C rich fruit. As of now, in the country, processed orange juice has not gained popularity and the timely introduction of elite varieties of JSO such as Cleopatra, Volkamarino, Natal, Valencia, Hamlin etc would fill this gap.

Features & Benefits

  • True to type
  • Robust
  • Free from viral diseases like CEVd, CTV, CMBV,Phytopthora, Fusarium, HLB, Citrus canker, Nematode
  • Grown in Pathogen free, Bio-fortified, Crop specific Soilless media
  • Propagated in specially designed root trainer vessels
  • Strong & well developed root system
  • Most compatible and variety specific root stock
  • Complete hardened • Uniform age
  • Assured establishment, accelerated growth and uniform canopy development after field planting
  • Varieties with less seed and high juice content, suitable for both table as well as processing purpose
  • Profused fruit setting
  • Yield potential 40 MT/H*
  • Available in two different pot sizes
  • Offers special discount for 12-15 months advanced plant booking
  • Also available for spot buying with premium pay
  • Welcomes online booking


  • JSO1, JSO2, JSO3, JSO4, JSO5