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Integrated Irrigation System important for sustainable agriculture: Atul Jain

Agricultural land is deceasing day by day. Therefore, with this scenario, there will always be a rise of question like food security issue which may arise in the future. Thus as a counter to this, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd (JISL) has developed an Integrated Irrigation System to use the minimum land, water and other natural resources to produce more food grains, horticultural crops and vegetables. This will be supplementary to the rural development in India, Atul Jain, Joint Managing Director, JISL said here.

He was speaking as the Chief Guest on the occasion of the Foundation Day of the Pune Regional Office of NABARD on the topic "Agricultural Technologies – Accelerator for Rural Transformation." accompanied with the graceful presence of CGM S. G. Rawat, Buchkewadi Sarpanch Suresh Gaikwad, Rahuri Mahatma Phule Krushi Vidyapeeth Vice Chancellor Dr. P. C. Patil, HiTech Agricultural Department Head Prof. S.T. Gorantiwar, Commissioner AH Ravindra Pratap Singh, SBI CGM Ajay Kumar Singh, RCS Anil Kawade, RBI’s RD Ajay Michyari, BOM’s ED A B Vijaykumar on the dais for the occasion. Along with, Senior Govt. Officers, RBI Officers, bankers, social organizations, Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) and Officers from Regional Office of NABARD at Pune also attended the function. Dignitaries on the dais released a book on ‘Nabard in Maharashtra 2021-22.’ The event was followed with the lighting of the traditional lamp.

Speaking on "Agricultural Technologies – Accelerator for Rural Transformation," Atul Jain also added that, there is an increase in the production and income of small landholder farmers due to the innovative technologies introduced by Jain Irrigation. R&D of JISL has resulted in transforming the livelihood of more than 80 lakh farmers till date. JISL is working diligently towards completion of integrated irrigation system projects in India and Africa. They are creating a seamless connection between Macro and Micro, Infrastructure and Agriculture, Availability and Productivity, Cost and Value. Tissue Culture technology has made farmers’ lives different as he gets more production and more income. Thus it changes his lifestyle. JISL produces TC saplings of banana, pomegranate, Strawberry, Coffee, guava and other citrus fruits with increasing production of all above fruits. Farmers are now using Jain Automation technology, drip and sprinkler irrigation and precision use of liquid fertilizers to increase their food grains production along with savings in the labour cost. JISL has also developed Ultra High Density Plantation (UHDP) for the mango cultivation, with increase in the number of trees per acre and the production of mangoes. Besides that, JISL has successfully grown paddy (rice) on drip irrigation to save water and electricity, which resulted in a record output of increase in yields by nearly 40% at the same time savings of water up to 70%. The best thing is, the productivity of water and fertilizer increased up to 80%. Talking about the most important cash crop of India- Sugarcane, the best suitable technology for sugarcane to thrive with sweeter yields is - Sprinkler and drip irrigation. Sugarcane has achieved record production and more income for growers, Atul Jain added. Smt. Rashmi Darad proposed the vote of thanks.