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Jain Irrigation to execute Integrated Drip Irrigation project in Vidarbha region

This project will give benefit to more than 10,000 farmers., Jain Irrigation to do Integrated Drip Irrigation project in Vidarbha region:- Vidarbha region is known for its farmers’ distress over the last six decades. Many Irrigation projects were initiated, yet with limited reach. Backlog of Rainfed-farmers, to be covered under irrigation, kept enlarging. Source of water remained constant OR kept declining. Only way out was to create more water; this is accomplished by eliminating wastage of water. Using scientific and modern irrigation techniques:

  • Project Value Rs.239.17 Cr
  • Project is based on a pioneered concept of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. Jalgaon i.e. "RESOURCE TO ROOT"
  • More than 10,000 farmers and 20,748 acre command area covering 65 villages of Arvi Taluka of Wardha district of Maharashtra will be benefited from the project. Project shall be executed within 24 months.
  • Unique Fully Automated Irrigation Project entirely based on PMKSY guidelines with provision of complete piped Distribution Network (PDN) i.e. "HAR KHET KO PANI" and on farm Micro Irrigation System i.e "MORE CROP PER DROP" which ensures higher Productivity and Sustainable income for farmers.

The pioneers and leaders of Integrated Irrigation Solution, JAIN IRRIGATION has bagged order for prestigious Arvi Integrated Irrigation project through e-tendering process. The owner of the project is Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation Nagpur, Govt of Maharashtra.

Considering the limitation in the traditional irrigation projects, being land acquisition challenges and resistance from the farmers to accept open canal networks, the Lower Wardha Irrigation Project Division Wardha is implementing this project to improve Water Use Efficiency up to 90% (from existing 35%) in canal command areas by using Pressurized Piped Distribution Network (PDN) and on- farm Micro Irrigation (Drip/Sprinkler) system as per the mandate of GoI under PMKSY.

In this project, water is proposed to be lifted from Lower Wardha Project reservoirs to each individual farmer’s field with on farm automated Micro Irrigation System. This EPC/turnkey contract involves following scope of work

  • All types of survey, planning of entire system, designs, drawings, vetting from concerned authorities.
  • Construction of Approach channel, pump house, and its components, control rooms, internal roads in pump house area, compound wall & mild steel gate.
  • Execution of underground pressurized pipe network up to 1 ha chak including main lines, branch lines, manifolds, primary & secondary filtration units, suitable anti-surge devices, all inline structures like thrust/anchor blocks & encasings, railway, highway and pipe line crossings, all types of valves, water measuring devices and all accessories.
  • Supply, installation, commissioning and testing of electric H.T/L.T lines from M.S.E.T.C.L/ M.S.E.D.C.L Arvi substation to pumping station, supply & installation of 33 KV substation and switch yard etc. with all accessories and getting all clearances from statutory authorities.
  • Supply, installation, commissioning and testing of suitable pumps and motors with all related electrical & mechanical components of pumps, pump house and accessories.
  • Supply, installation, commissioning and testing of web based SCADA automation system to control entire system including pumps, filters, surge devices, valves & wireless field control units.
  • Supply, installation and testing of Drip Irrigation System on 75% Area (CCA- 6300 Ha) and fixed Sprinkler System on 25% Area (CCA- 2100 Ha) as per NMMI Guidelines and Department of Agriculture, Government of Maharashtra.
  • Construction of architecturally aesthetic RCC Farmers Training center
  • Formation of Water User Associations as per MMISF Act, 2005.To conduct farmers awareness training programme for effective functioning of the scheme.
  • Operation & Maintenance for five years

Shri Ajit B. Jain, Joint Managing Director of the Company, after receipt of the project said that, "this project is likely to improve the water use efficiency from current 35% to expected 90% and we are proud to be selected as the agency to implement the project."

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