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Blog at Jains - Banana - Tissue Culture Plantation with Drip.

In Maharashtra almost 130,000 hectare come under Banana Cultivation and more than 50 % of this is in Jalgaon & adjoining area. Traditionally Banana was planted with suckers. The use of bulk fertilizers & flood irrigation practices were mostly followed by farmers. With all above farmers could get average yield of 13 Kg / plant  in 15 – 18 Months.
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd introduced Tissue Culture banana plants and  Micro Irrigation ,  & Agri advisory services through experienced Agronomists . s This brought about a great change in banana cultivation in the country. Banana growers could  harvest average yields of 30 Kg / plant and  continue to grow 2 ratton crops ( 1 Main + 2 Ratoon ) in 30 Months period.
 We report few experiences shared by Banana Growers .
A well drained medium black soil was selected for banana cultivation   open well  or  tube well as irrigation source. After a plough and rotavation farmer incorporates, 3 -5 trolley well decomposed FYM along with 100 – 150 Kg Neem Cake. Raised beds or Ridges & Furrow were prepared  at the desired spacing.
Well-acclimatized Jain Tissue Culture seedlings were planted on raised beds  at 6.5 Ft or 5.5 Ft. The drip irrigation system was installed mostly with double laterals of Jain Turboline with 16 mm diameter, 4 LPH discharge at dripper spacing of 40 or  50 cm. The irrigation & fertigation were done as per recommendations given by Jain Agronomist considering plant requirement of that area. In early stage of crop, field was maintained clean by 2-3 weeding as per requirement & timely removal of  baby suckers . Need based crop protection through spray of Streptomycin, Copper oxy chloride or Chloropyriphos.
Farmer wise cost, yield and gain from banana in one crop season.
SL Name of Farmer District Area (Ac.) Plant Spacing (Fts) No.of Plants / Acre Av. Cost of Cultivation (Rs./ac.) Market price (Rs/Kg) Av. Yield (Kg/ac) Gross Return (Rs./ac.) Net Profit (Rs./ac.)
1 D.R.Mali Nandurbar 11 6*5 1452 94380 10.0 40656 406560 312180
2 T.M.Borade Pune 1.5 7*5 1250 115000 10.0 40000 400000 285000
3 P.H.Mahajan Jalgaon 7.3 5.2*5.5 1508 98020 6.5 52780 343070 245050
4 P.D.Deshmukh Jalgaon 18 5*5.5 1584 110880 10.0 42768 427680 316800
5 D.R.Bhawal A. Nagar 2.5 6*5 1452 108900 8.5 46404 394434 285534
6 A.K.Patil Buldana 4.25 5*5 1742 137500 8.0 57486 459888 322388
 These farmers declared the net profit of Rs. 2.40 lakh/ac. to 3.25 lakh/ac. , highest income possible for an annual crop (11 month) in India.  These were  the result of good quality planting material of Jain Tissue Culture, drip irrigation and fertigation as per crop requirement. and the agri-advisory services of   jain agronomists. Now, these farmers are become advisors for other farmers and satisfied customers of the Company. They are not alone; we have in the last 22 years created highly productive Banana cultivation centers in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat besides in Maharashtra.