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Blog at Jains - Giving Life to Dreams – Anubhuti

"It is believed that education is a birth right of every individual..!"

But is it given to every willing individual?

This statement differs with an abstain when it comes to an actual reality.

Today, education remains an inaccessible right for millions of children around the world. More than 72 million children of primary education age are still away from education and school wherein 759 million adults are illiterate and do not have the awareness or the necessity to improve both their living conditions and education of their children.

In India there are millions children which sums up to millions of dreams that clash with reality and remains incomplete due to many reasons like poverty, illiterate parents, orphaned children, gender based discrimination, cultural norms, less importance given towards child education, and many such variable reasons which results into discontent.

Countering all these problems and with a pure dream of educating the underprivileged students, our founder Late Mr. Bhavarlal Jain gave life to dreams of all such million students for a better today and prosperous tomorrow, because he knew that "These children don’t lack talent they just lack opportunity" and hence an initiative towards educating the underprivileged students got life with our Anubhuti English Medium school in 2011.

Our Founder Late Mr. Bhavarlal Jain enjoying victory of the students

We at Anubhuti believe that the growth of a child is parallel to the future of our country’s prosperity and that the limit of our country’s achievements can be only defined by the limitlessness of those billion dreams.

Students at Anubhuti

With a survey from our expert teams the right candidates with willingness towards learning but lack alternative opportunities and deserves to be at the right place are chosen to be a part of Anubhuti wherein the whole nurturement of the kid including regular meals, medication, uniforms, books and all basic necessities are taken care in school itself.

And the only payback for all this are the proud faces of the parents with the precious bursting big smiles on the face of the children!

We at Anubhuti believe in "Experimental and Practical experiences" to unwrap and unfold the creativity in the students which focus mainly on the aspects which contribute immensely towards the development of the young minds as they step into adulthood.

Exhibition at Anubhuti

Our Founder Late Mr. Bhavarlalji Jain was of the view that, Child education is a very sensitive term for human development in itself, hence the importance of early childhood education can’t be overstated or evaded.

Anubhuti, with the help of the committed and experienced staff provides a child’s early years, the foundation of his or her future development, by ensuring and providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development and this is what Anubhuti is all about-

Giving life to Dreams and Wings to potential!