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Blog at Jains - Transmuting from Adversity to Opportunity

We all have been hearing in a coon’s age about the big challenge of coping up with many factors under Covid -19 pandemic and lockdown conditions. Agriculture being a labor intensive realm, which has to counter many such factors like – How to maintain Social Distancing? The fear of getting infected, and mainly the angst of bearing the losses of crops! 

Encountering all these distrusting thoughts and conditions of witnessing self as the prey of the pandemic, here is someone who broke the odds and instead of worrying Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar, A farmer from Bihar who instead of agonizing about the situation, took an initiative to adopt the technology and "Automate" his whole farm. He believed that adopting technology in his farms will be a double edged sword. He thought that this crisis has given him an opportunity not to collapse but to adapt, to change, to enhance and come out as a progressive farmer, not only further enhancing the productivity but also simultaneously following the Covid -19 protocol.

Mr. Sudhanshu has been using Jain Irrigation Products for his orchard for the past 12 years. He adds that Jain Micro Sprinkles and Jain Drip have become his staples for better yields and greater profits. Thus, seeing this "Productive Success" of his farm he decided to move ahead with the plantation of Mango Plants in 35 acres with Jain’s Micro Sprinklers and Jain Drip Lines

Highlighting the "Jain Logic", Mr. Sudhanshu informs, he has newly installed The Jain "NutriCare-Automatic Fertigation Equipment" which comes with a User-Friendly technique of supplying dissolved fertilizers to crops through an irrigation system to influence and manage maximum possible yield. This Automation setup can be easily installed on the existing drip system which allows rapid uptake of nutrients by the plant for ultimate increase in yield and more profits. It also provides the farmer with ease on scheduling the quantity, timing and frequency of fertigation for the crops.

The Jain NutriCare- Automatic Fertigation Equipment at Mr. Sudhanshu’s Automation Unit Mr. Sudhanshu’s views towards Jain Irrigation’s Automation setup for every farmer out there is

"Jain Irrigation is a single stop for high tech agri techniques and solutions for everything. Right from irrigation solutions to Technology and automation for your plants to provide the best. Also their team was highly dedicated and they finished projects in an effective and disciplined timeline. The cherry on the cake was that in the last 9 years of installation of their system I have never required their technicians on my farm after the set up. It’s so easy to use and maintain as well"

Productivity can be increased by adopting The Jain Technology and new Automation Techniques.. I can give an example of my own farm and the automation done for Fertigation and how it proved to be a boon under lockdown conditions. My orchard did not suffer for a single day! The opportunity is here for anyone who is ready to invest in Jain technology...."

Mr. Sudhanshu’s story still continues; getting motivated by such good produce and output he has now planted a brand new orchard with a total of 27000 trees wherein the whole Orchard is "Automated with Jain technology" inclusive of variety of plants like Banana, Litchi, Apple bair, Custard apple, Jamun, Jackfruit etcetera.

Jain Irrigation is always beholden and obliged to help and motivate it’s farmers to do better and to serve them with the best possible solutions for better yields and greater profits!