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uPVC Reclaim Water Piping System

JISL from its noble range brings to you Jain Plumbing UPVC Reclaim Pipes and Fittings system for all your treated water and high-pressure non-potable water plumbing requirements. Jain Plumbing Reclaim Pipes and Fittings are created with a lead-free compound that fulfill all the latest necessities of created plumbing networks and are tested as per ASTM-1785 and ASTM-2467 standards.

The reclaim piping system is ideal for all residential, commercial and industrial treated water applications. These pipes can be used to convey non-potable reclaim treated water which is generated from gray water fixtures and appliances like washbasin, sinks, shower drains, bathtubs, washing machine etc.

These UPVC Reclaim Pipes and Fittings are Strong & Durable which are expected to last upto 50 years of service life, have least bacterial growth, easy to install and are economical. These pipes are Lead Free, UV resistant, Fire resistant and Corrosion resistant.